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National Formosa University Office of Physical Education
Brief History of Physical Education Offic

       Since May 1980, Provincial Yunlin Industrial Junior College had planned by Taiwan government and was established in July of 1980. Dr. Tien-Chin Chang(張天津) was the first president and established Physical Education and Hygiene Section, where Prof. Tien-chu Hsieh(謝天助) was appointed the head of it, under Student Affairs. In September 1981, Provincial Yunlin Industrial Junior College was renamed as National Yunlin Institute of Technology(NYIT). In August 1983, Prof. Gene-Lahm Chang(張進南) became the second head of Physical Education and Hygiene Section. On October 18th, 1985, Physical Education and Hygiene Section under Student Affairs was divided into Physical Education Section, where Prof. Jan-Fong Wang(王健峰)was the first and second section chief of Physical Education until 1992, and Hygiene and Health Section, where Prof. Gene-Lahm Chang(張進南) served as head of it.
      In August 1989, when Dr. Cheng-Kuang Yu(余政光) was the second president of National Huwei University of Science and Technology(NHUST) renamed from National Yunlin Institute of Technology(NYIT) and National Huwei Institute of Technology(NHIT), Prof. Cheng-Yi Lin(林正義) served as the third section chief of Physical Education Section from August 1992 to July 1995 and then Prof. Kuo-Chan Huang(黃國展) served Physical Education Section as the fourth section chief since August 1995.
     In July 1997, the Physical Education Section was upgraded to become the Office of Physical Education under University Act promulgated by the Ministry of Education and our school organization regulations when Dr. Cheng-Kuang Yu(余政光) was the first president of the National Formosa University renamed from National Hu-wei University of Science and Technology(NHUST). The first director of Physical Education was Prof. Jan-Fong Wang(王健峰) setting up Physical Education Section and Activity Section under. The rest of the successive directors are Prof. Cheng-Yi Lin(林正義), Prof. Gene-Lahm Chang(張進南), Prof. Lung-I Wang(王龍意), Prof. Juey-Hsing Chang(張瑞興), and Prof. Ying-Hua Hung(洪櫻花).
     In February 1999, President Cheng-Kuang Yu(余政光) retired and Dean of Academic Affairs, Feng-Tsun Chen(陳豐村), named acting president. On October 12th, 1999, Dr. Chien-Chang Lin(林見昌) became the first elected president. In February 2004, the school was upgraded and renamed as National Formosa University. In October 2005, president Lin ended his tenure and Dean of Academic Affairs, Yeong-Ley Tsay(蔡永利), served as acting president.
     In February 2006, Dr. Jenn-Der Lin(林振德) succeeded to presidency and the Office of Physical Education established Field and Equipment Section in August. The Office of Physical Education has complete organization structure and dedicated faculty. That is, the office of Physical Education can offer the best service on the quality of physical education, promotion of intramural sport activities, the training of student representative teams and management of sport facilities. The office not only pushes school’s sport development but achieves the goal of making students cultivate a lifetime exercise habit.